Amanda Brisbane was the UK’s foremost 'sandcasted glass' artist. Inspired by water and nature, each of her piece is an extraordinary collaboration of artistry and chemistry.

During her studies in the USA, Amanda Brisbane was instantly drawn to the textural finishes that the process of sand casting generates - the subtle interplay between the fire-polished smoothness of the inner surface and the contrasting, coarser texture of the cast underbelly.

It became a procedure that she had refined over the years; producing one-off glass sculptures that take on an organic, three-dimensional form all of their own. In her own words, "Each piece is unique, unrepeatable. How the color splits or gathers cannot be predicted or replicated".

Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the USA and is held in many prestigious private and public collections all over the world. We at Bits & Pieces are proud to house some of her best creations.