The Hamptons are where the rich go to play; a retreat situated North of New York with beautiful beaches and ritzy residences. Hampton style focuses on beach living, a casual and relaxed theme but finished in a very timeless and sophisticated way. 

This style uses bright and neutral colours to let natural light flow freely throughout the space. Blues are always a favorite, using the grey tones more. Keep with a subdued colour pallet, giving an overall relaxed feel to the space, which is the most important thing to keep in mind.

Keep it simple when choosing curtains, no busy patterns or dominating colours. Again the same for the walls, whites and beiges make sure the calming theme is kept throughout the space. 

If you want a more traditional look then use dark timber flooring with large natural rugs, which gives a more formal look. Antiques can then be added to make the space more classic. For a more relaxed and casual look floorboards can be painted white, with a more nautical choice of accessories.

Hints of wicker and cane furniture are welcomed throughout the house, but be sure not to go over board with this. It is easy to forget that you are going for a high-end sophisticated look, not a shabby chic beach theme.

Mix contemporary pieces such as art and lamps with rustic touches, like old signs and bottles. Bring in natural elements such as drift or barn wood. All Wood should be inspired by the sea with timber in pale and natural tones. Linen upholstery is a popular choice and something that is very hard to go wrong with. Use patterned and bright coloured scatter cushions throughout the house to add a bit of diversity and personality to the space. 

Simplicity and consistency is key to getting the best results from Hampton style. Now, lets all run and get the white paint out!