Make a change a bring out the best of your home this year

It’s that time of the year again when everybody decides enough is enough and the resolutions begin. If one of yours is about getting your home up to scratch then get ready for some great revamping ideas. 2015 is set to be an exciting year in the world of interior design.

It is important to know that great interior design does not necessarily mean breaking the piggy bank. The trends for this year are just a punchier, refined perception of existing trends. Keeping it simple with a brush of paint, artwork here and ornament there. It’s all about revamping and not renovating.

First things first, lets get in touch with our peaceful side by bringing the outdoors inside. Animal prints, vibrant greens and natural artworks are needed. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with green, bringing floor to ceiling plants in or if money is no issue a green wall is a perfect option.

Be bold and take a risk! This year is not about being conservative. Use over sized pictures and posters hanged on the wall or prints used on cushions or chairs to add more depth to the interior.

Expect to see a rise in different wallpapers; they are back and in full force. Many different patterns and textures are available in the market for the increased demand. From textured wall coverings to digital prints, use them to define a single wall or 

Sometimes it’s easiest to find a ‘wow’ item such as a piece of furniture or an accessory and just work around it. Let your imagination run away with you and create an interior personal to you.

People do not realize just how much design elements can affect the overall ambiance and mood of a space, once this is achieved you will feel much more content and ready for the New Year.