Biomorphic art also known as Islimi, Nebati, Arabesque is one of the three distinct disciplines that underpin the Islamic art (the other two being Calligraphy and Geometry).

In a broad sense of this term, the arabesque includes ornamentation in stylized plant forms and strictly geometrical interlacing work. Stylized plant forms represent the sense of rhyme, which is a main characteristic of artistic expression in Islamic art along with a spirit of geometry.

Biomorphic art have three key elements:

 The Eternal Spiral

Behind most designs there is a spiral from which the motifs and leaves sprout. The movement of nature inspires the unbroken flow of the spiral, it has no hard corners and the curves are sweeping and gentle.

As the spiral advances it radiates secondary spirals, they in turn radiate spirals and soon the page is overgrown.

The spiral progresses from its source like a plant from a seed growing toward the light. This centrifugal movement reflects the progression of creation from the creator, moving to infinity.

Symmetry and Structure

Once a section of spirals are drawn they are reflected and repeated to fill a page wall or dome. Symmetry is fundamental to a harmonious design, it exemplifies completeness and perfection and the desire for unity.

Rhythm and Balance

Islimi designs tessellate across the surface with an even rhythm and texture. No part of the design takes precedence and pushes to the foreground; the designs vibrate and oscillate evenly, undulating like the sea. This effect is created by the repetition and the careful even arrangement of the motifs.


Islamic art is the world’s longest-lived arts born in the 7th century. It did not allocate certain country or particular people; rather it is the art of an entire civilization, which emerged as a result of historical circumstances. Islam was born in the world divided between two powerful empires – Byzantine and Persian. The first one absorbed Mediterranean and the second spread from Central Asia to Yemen and from Eastern Anatolia to upper Euphrates. Byzantium represented Greco-Roman cultural tradition and Persia represented Sasanian artistic traditions that influenced art of the world a lot. The first examples of Islamic art therefore rely on earlier techniques, styles, and forms reflecting this blending of classical and Iranian decorative themes and motifs.

The term ‘arabesque’ is relatively new; it came to Europe after Napoleon’s campaign in Africa. Some Western arabesques are derived from the Islamic art, but others are closely based on Ancient Roman decorations. In the West they are essentially found in the decorative arts, but because of the non-figurative nature of Islamic art, arabesque decoration also plays a significant role in the Islamic architecture. By incorporating geometrical shapes and patterns, Islamic arts expresses the excellence and immeasurable nature of the divine. In the mid-nineteenth century Islamic art found ways to self-expression, and this unique property save Islamic Art until modern times.

 Arabesque Bits & Pieces

As the Arabic culture is entwined with the Islamic art, the people living in the Gulf region have their affection for the Arabesque patterns. We at Bits & Pieces know how much an Arab is attached to the art rooted to his ancestry and proud of it, hence we are honored to present our products inspired by the Arabesque art.

  1. PLACEMAT - This vibrant placemat set by Peggy Raphael Dabar is part of the outstanding Moucharabieh collection from Images d'Orient. A moucharabieh is a screen built from small wooden pieces produced according to a complex geometrical plan. The vibrant colors of this unique table accessory work together to give off a Mediterranean feel to your dinner setting. Click here to buy this

2. BOX - This brown wooden box from the Sajjadeh Azur collection of Images d'Orient brings the elegance of the Mediterranean in a sleek manner to your home. Reflecting the beauty of beautiful ceramix tiles, it mimics the floors of many Mediterranean houses from the 1930s and 1940s. When put side by side, these boxes designed by Peggy Raphael Dabar form a large image, getting the nickname "Sajjedeh" or carpet. Click here to buy this

3. TRAY - The eye-catching star pattern makes this wooden tray from Nada Debs a beautiful addition to your home. Handcrafted by skills artisans, it is made from American walnut wood with tin inlay that highlights the star's infinite rays. This unique handmade tray is ideal for serving your guests at parties or as a decorative centerpiece for your home or office. Click here to buy this

4. NOTEBOOK - This 192-paged beauty is wonderfully designed by Peggy Raphael Dabarhas. Containing glorious Ivory 90 gsm paper and a straight magnet flap to keep it closed when not in use, this small pink notebook is the best office supply to bring around for taking notes, creating lists, or making doodles anytime, anywhere. Click here to buy this

5. MAGAZINE FILE - Stylize you home or office with this magnificent and colorful magazine file. Bring the Mediterranean vibe with a modern twist into any room with this trendy and unique office accessory.  Click here to buy this

 6. COASTER - These practical yet elegant coasters from Nada Debs keeps scratches and drips off your table. Coming in sets of six, each resin coaster is hand-crafted with Mother of Pearl inlay, brass, and silver. Click here to buy this

 7. CANDLE HOLDER - The charming design of this small wooden candle holder from Nada Debs will definitely make your home fell more luxurious yet cozy. The Mother of Pearl inlay all over the candle holder adds stunning character to the piece. This handmade candle holder is the best home decor for a special night or for everyday use. Click here to buy this

 8. COASTER - These practical yet elegant coasters from Nada Debs keep scratches and drips off your table. Coming in sets of six, each resin coaster is hand-crafted with Mother of Pearl inlay, brass, and silver. Click here to buy this

 9. BOX - Beautiful and functional, this small handcrafted box from Nada Debs is one of the best home decor ideas that adds class and style to every room. From a vanity to a coffee table, this handmade box is the best home decor for safekeeping jewelry or organizing precious trinkets. Click here to buy this



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